Monday, September 30, 2013

Music Coasters

Music Coasters

Set of 4- $15
Individual coasters (see below)- $5

These have waterproof acrylic coating.  Most of the music coasters come from pieces of the actual vinyl album jacket.  Don't worry, we won't cut up a copy of The Beatles "Butcher" cover if we come across it.  Other materials for coasters come from tour posters, promo album flats and other marketing materials.

Some are single coasters (examples above) and would make a great addition to your office desk. These single coasters are $5 each.

Monday, September 2, 2013

Record Bowls

Record Bowls
$3 for small 7" bowl/ $5-7 for large 12" bowl (price depends on the difficulty and availability of the requested artist record)

These are fun to hold so many things...candy, keys, guitar picks, office items, etc.  Have one on your office desk as a conversation starter as well as fill up one with your favorite candy for coffee table at home.  There are so many uses.  In most cases, we can make a 12" bowl to match your music request.  If the request is for something of more value, the cost of bowl will increase.  If you request a record bowl made out of a rare Robert Johnson 78 rpm or an Elvis Sun Records 45 rpm, we may have to give you a Music City butt kickin'.  Most all other requests will be fulfilled with a smile!  Examples of a few artists in stock include:

Johnny Cash
All ready for trick-or-treaters at Halloween
The Doors
Bob Dylan
John Fogerty
Billy Joel
Elton John
Led Zeppelin
Paul McCartney
The Monkees
Elvis Presley
The Rolling Stones
ZZ Top
and many more!

Saturday, October 27, 2012

Album Cover Framed Wall Art

Album Cover Framed Wall Art
$15 each

This would really give your office, music room, man cave (or wherever you want to showcase unique music art that highlights your personality and interests) that extra bit of flair you've been searching for.  Preserve a moment in time with these Record Album Cover Frames.  Yes, they do come with the record cover inside.  Of course, a Record Bowl full of candy and a set of Music Coasters will help compliment the room too.  We will do our best to fulfill personalized requests as well.  Price may vary depending on the rarity of those album requests.  My reflection in the frame glass taking a picture of these is just to show a human sought out interesting and cool album covers and these were not manufactured in a warehouse by a machine...or zombies from Walking Dead...or vampires from True Blood...although both are on the payroll and tip me off to where I can find great records!

Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Rock Around The Clock

Rock Around The Clock
45 RPM clocks $15 each
45 Picture Sleeve clock $18 each
Red Retro clocks $20 each

These battery operated clocks (use one AA battery not included) are made from vintage 45's.  Show off your favorite artists to friends and fellow vinyl collectors in unique style.  Don't try to play these in your jukebox however as you will get the "Summertime Blues"!!  Use a small display as shown here or hang on the wall with built in hanger.  Also, check out the Picture Sleeve clock made from original 45 RPM Picture Sleeves and the cool red retro clocks!!

45 rpm picture sleeve clock

retro clock

retro clock

retro clock

retro clock